The New Apple MacBook – I/O Error from Cupertino?

Apple launched the new Macbook at WWDC 2015, And revealing this latest iteration of the iconic brand has opened a rather large can of worms that could prove to be a big headache for the boys from Cupertino.

We take a look at this, the latest iteration of the MacBook, and the biggest problems that it has created.


USB-C. We can't see what you thought was good about just one of these, Cupertino.
USB-C. We can’t see what you thought was good about just one of these.

The MacBook Air has just port that controls everything from USB connectivity and HDMI to delivering power to the MacBook. This means that if you want to do anything other than charge the MacBook, you’ll have to buy a boatload of connectors to get anything done. Thankfully, there is a separate port for your headphones.

The Intel M Processor

Intel Core M - Mobile Only Apple. Meh
Intel Core M – Mobile Only. You forgot that didn’t you Apple?

Apple has used Intel’s Core M Processor for the new MacBook. The Core M series used in the new MacBook are a duo of dual core processors which come with Intel new Iris Pro Graphics built in. What Apple seems to have forgotten here was the fact that these processors are used mainly for mobile devices aka phones and tablets not Laptops. Video editing softwares and gaming will most probably have big issues running on this processor. So basically, it won’t do things that you expect to do using other MacBooks.

The MacBook Air?

The New MacBook will eat into the the MacBook Air line.
The New MacBook(C) will eat into the the MacBook Air(L) line.

The New MacBook is all about slimness and lightness and portability. Um, Cupertino isn’t that the job of the MacBook Air? Something seriously does seem to be going wrong in Northern California if Apple has decided to cannibalize its own range once again. Perhaps, its the wine?


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8 Things You Can Buy Instead of the $10000 Apple Watch Edition

60000 packets of Maggi!


6000 bottles of beer!


33 Moto 360s!

250 grams of actual 24 carat gold!

100 Redmi 1S phones!

Xiaomi Redmi 1s

240 of these watches that also tell the time!

3006sm02-fastrack-1100x1360-imadren4ftewx3kr (1)

10 Bajaj Pulsars!

4 TATA Nanos!


And finally, if you really wanted apples, you could buy 3000 kg of those


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The Apple Watch – 3 Ways that Apple Screwed it Up

I'd rather buy a car. Thank you very much.
The Apple Watch Edition. I’d rather buy a car. Thank you very much.

At WWDC 2015 Apple unveiled its latest personal device, The Apple Watch, to the waiting world and despite Apple’s claims about the Apple watch being “The Watch Reimagined ” it really isn’t the case here. We take a look at how the guys from Cupertino missed their cues this time.


Lets get the facts out of the way first. The Apple Watch Sport starts at $350(about 22,000 rupees) and tops out at $400(approx 25,100 rupees). The Apple Watch(the one with the steel casing) ranges from $549(approx 34,400 rupees)to $1,099 (approx 69,000 rupees.) And the Apple Watch Edition starts off at $10,000(approx 6.27 lakh rupees.)

And what else can you get for that sort of money? Well for around $400 you could get two Asus Zenwatches or get one Moto 360 and save $150(around 9400 rupees).

For the price of the priciest of the steel cased Watches, you could get yourself an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, which can do a lot more than the watch.

And then we get to the insane Apple watch edition. For that price you get yourself a car, one that’ll last a lot longer than any watch and of course is a lot more useful as well. As Asus put it you have to be insane( or be a celeb) to buy the Edition.

Asus are quite right to say this.
Asus are quite right to say this.

 Hello, Cupertino? There’s nothing new here!

Yes, the biggest issue is that Apple hasn’t brought anything new to the game. The Apple Watch does what every other smartwatch in the market does. it can be your health and fitness tracker and it does notifications. Sure, Apple may claim that they doe everything better, and maybe that is true(that’s a big maybe though,) but the fact of the matter is that the only thing you can do with the Apple Watch that other smartwatches cannot is draw a stupid smiley face or some other silly emoji and send it to another Apple watch user.

Really Apple? Emoji? Really?
Really Apple? An Emoji? Really?

Apple’s track record with 1st Generation devices

Apple really doesn’t have a brilliant track record when it comes to 1st gen devices. Take the 1st gen iPhone for example, when it was launched in 2007,  3G was widely available and the iPhone didn’t have that available. The 1st gen iPad was clunky and looked rather weird. 10 months later, it had been replaced by a much slimmer iPad 2.

The problem with  Apple and 1st gen devices is the fact that seem to always be a bit too cautious. Who knows when the next Apple Watch will come out? In a year? 18 months? Whatever be the cycle, you can be sure that the next generation watch will be quite different.

The 1st gen iPad. Proof of Apple's restraint.
The 1st gen iPad. Proof of Apple’s restraint.


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5 Devices from the 90s that we miss the most: No. 5. – The Pager


Also known as beepers, these handheld devices ruled the early 90s. They started with being able to receive numeric messages (phone numbers). Then came the alpha-numeric pagers which allowed us to read a message. Two-way pagers rolled pretty late in the day by which time the mobile phone technology had begun taking its shape.

Motorola’s earliest pager

Pagers haven’t completely left this planet though. They have found usefulness in emergency medical and fire services.

5 Devices from the 90s that we miss the most: No. 4. – The Gameboy

An 8-bit handheld videogame device manufactured by Nintendo, a 90s kid’s childhood is incomplete without the mention of one these. Long summer days were spent swapping game cartridges with friends and cousins.

The original Gameboy in all its glory.

The first Gameboy came with relatively simple. It came with a monochrome dot matrix display. A tiny light on the left of the display ensured that you replaced the batteries by lighting up. The Gameboy came when things were simpler.

The Gameboy Color Source

There were variants that came out over the years though. The Gameboy Color was one of them. Handheld gaming suddenly became much more immersive.

The Gameboy Advance SP back-lit version.

The Gameboy adapted. The last version that came out was the Advance SP (The complete review on the Gameboy Advance SP). It came in two variants, the front-lit and the back-lit screen version. Things are still kept simple though. It is another piece of the 90s in your hands.

5 Devices from the 90s that we miss the most: No. 3. – Polaroid Instant Cameras

Oh! The instant cameras from Polaroid. All you had to do was take a shot ant the camera printed out the photograph for you instantaneously.

The Polaroid Instant camera housed everything, from the camera module to the printer and the photographic paper used for printing.
The Polaroid Instant camera housed everything, from the camera module to the printer and the photographic paper used for printing.
All you had to do was take the shot and the camera instantly took the shot and printed it out for you
All you had to do was take the shot and the camera instantly printed it out for you.


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5 Devices from the 90s that we miss the most: No. 2. – The Sony Discman


The first Sony portable CD player (which eventually would be the Discman in the years to come) came out sometime in 1984. Known as the CD Walkman in some parts of the world (read Japan), the Discman soon became a rage in the 90s.

The original “CD Walkman Player” straight from the 90s.

The Sony Discman still lives. The last one came out in 2011.  It has been rebranded under the Walkman tag and supports MP3 playback.