The Asus Zenphone 2: Taking a Closer Look at the Cheapest 4 GB Phone in the Market

The much awaited ASUS Zenphone 2 is finally out. With specs like a 5.5 inch 1080p display, a quad-core Atom Z3580 chip under its hood running at 2.3 GHz. The most interesting feature of this phone being the 4 GB RAM that the $290 version comes with.

ASUS ZenFone 2
The phone has taken its looks from the Zenphone 1
Brand New ZenUI (1)
The Zen UI looks tantalizing
ASUS ZenFone 2 Exquisite ZenUI design
ASUS is really counting on its UI this time
ASUS ZenFone 2 color line up
There are 5 color options to choose from

6 of the Very Best Wireless Speakers Out There

Wireless speakers have been around for a while now. The technology is only getting better with time and the quality of sound from these devices has vastly improved. We have made a list of 6 of the best wireless speakers out there:

The Aether Cone


Probably the most beautiful and innovative of the lot, the Aether Cone is one unique product in the speaker department. It works on WiFi and runs on voice recognition. The wheel system is really innovative. Skipping songs has never been such a pleasant experience.

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House of Marley EM-FA000-MI Get Up Stand Up Freedom


Another beautiful looking piece of hardware in this section, the House of Marley Freedom Collection will forever be known for the innovative design and the use of fabric.

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MTV Fashiontronix by SoundLogic Noise Bluetooth Speaker


Known for its snazzy looks, the MTV Fashiontronix by SoundLogic Noise bluetooth speaker is a brilliant piece of tech.

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Pill XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Though slightly on the expensive side, the Beats Pill XL combines big sound and good design along with brilliant battery life with the Beats name.

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 House of Marley Liberate


With a solid build, great sound, and terrific battery, the House of Marley Liberate is a definite looker if you are headed out to buy yourself a wireless speaker.

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The Jawbone Jambox


The ultimate party starter. A real powerhouse of a speaker despite its tiny size. A winner all the way.

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Is The Lazarus Effect Worth a Watch?

The Lazarus Effect releases today in theaters all over India.


A team of ambitious medical professionals have found a way to bring dead patients back to life using a serum code-named “Lazarus“. After several successful tests are done on animals, Zoe (Olivia Wilde), one of the lead researchers, dies in a lab accident. In desperation, the rest of the team uses “Lazarus” to bring her back to life and they’re successful. When she begins to display “unusual” abilities, the team realizes that their attempt to resurrect the dead may have opened the door to evil.


Check out its trailer here:

HTC One M9: Getting to know HTC’s Latest Flagship

HTC kicked off their Utopia in Progress event at MWC in Barcelona with the above clip. The event saw the launch of the latest version of their iconic aluminium powerhouse the HTC One.

The All new HTC One M9
The All New HTC One M9


The new phone, called the One M9, sees HTC combined the design elements we saw with the HTC One and the HTC One(M8) The sides and the back meet in extremely sharp edges, but the phone still is brilliant from an ergonomic standpoint. HTC has finally moved the power standby key to the side, which means that you don’t have to reach towards the top of the device to switch it off.

The sides have a mirror finish

The back has the familiar hairline finish from the M8 but the sides have been polished extensively to give them an almost mirror like finish. The power button has a textured look as well.


The HTC One M9 is powered by Qualcomm's latest powerhouse - The Snapdragon 810
The HTC One M9 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest powerhouse – The Snapdragon 810

The HTC One M9 is powered by the latest in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 series, the Snapdragon 810(Quad-core ARM Cortex A57(2.0 GHz) and quad-core A53(1.5 GHz) with 64-bit support) which is supported by the Adreno 430 GPU and 3 GB or RAM.

Sense 7 is highly intutive, changing according to your location and also has its own theme builder
Sense 7 is highly intuitive, changing according to your location and also has its own theme centre where you can create your own themes.

Keeping the flame-throwing Dragon under control is HTC’s newest version of Sense UI, its Android skin, HTC Sense 7. Sense 7 not only improves upon the features found on Sense 6 but its new intuitive nature will detect where you are using your location and provide you a selection of apps suited for the environment(home, work etc.) In addition to this, Sense 7 brings in its own theme where you can select your own themes or create your own.


The HTC One M9 uses a 20 MP camera which has a sapphire cover over it
The HTC One M9 uses a 20 MP camera which has a sapphire cover over it

The HTC One M9 has ditched the Ultra pixel sensor found on the M7 and One M8 for a 20MP BSI sensor with f/2.2 aperture. So any pictures you take with the new M9 should have a ton-load of details for you to drool over. The Ultra-pixel camera though has moved to the front to improve your selfies especially those that you take in low-light situations.


Boomsound now comes with Dolby Audio and 5.1 channel surround sound
BoomSound now comes with Dolby Audio and 5.1 channel surround sound

HTC have stuck with a 1080p display but that doesn’t mean that they’ve skimped on the multimedia experience. BoomSound is back and better than ever. Now partnered with Dolby, HTC promises an even better audio experience thanks to 5.1 channel surround sound.

Battery and Connectivity

Under the aluminium hood lies a 2840 mAh battery pack
Under the aluminium hood lies a 2840 mAh battery pack

Under the aluminium back, HTC has squeezed in a 2840 mAH battery(up from 2600 mAh) that they claim can give you up to a full day of talk time and and almost 17 days on standby. Whether the M9 lives up to the promise is another matter altogether.
HTC has also added support for more LTE bands, including the FDD LTE Band 3(1800 MHz) and TDD LTE Band 40(2300 MHz) which are used for LTE connectivity in India.


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Four Headphones That Take You To Audiophile Nirvana

Are you an audiophile? Are you picky about the quality of sound when you listen to music? Look no further. We take a look at four of the best over-the-ear headphones in the market. They are all priced in the same bracket and have similar specs (read impedance).

Audio Technica ATH-M50x


Hailed as the best entry entry-level audiophile headphones in the market, the Audio Technica M50x is packed with specs that you wouldn’t find in many the list. It’s incredible comfort and noise isolation capabilities make the M50x a winner all the way.

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Sennheiser HD 598


The Sennheiser HD 598 speaks of subtlety. The sound is just right. No heavy bass. No loudness. No harshness. Just enough to send you on a trance. No wonder it makes its way into our list.

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Bose QuietComfort 25


The only headphones on the list with active noise cancellation. The sound quality is second to none. Bose has managed to up the quality and comfort with the latest edition of their legendary headphones.

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Sennheiser Momentum


While being on-the-ear, the Momentum deserves special mention for giving a tough fight to its over-the-ear counterparts.

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(Dis)honorary Mention

Beats Studio


The Beats Studio deserves to be in this category for a good reason. It’s overpriced, overrated, and mostly useless if you are looking for quality. If you would still want to check its review out, here it is.