#ThrowbackThursday: 4 Epic World Cup Ads That Will Forever Stay With Us

Cricket world cup ads in India are the Super Bowl ads of the U.S. Every world cup season, some of the most memorable moments on television happen due to these ads. We have picked some of the most unforgettable ones that we have witnessed over the years.

2003 World Cup Pepsi Ad With Sachin, Warnie, and Carl Hooper

While we weren’t the title favorites, this ad cashed heavily on the Sachin-Warne chemistry (off-field this time).

1999 World Cup Pepsi Ad With Sachin and Shahrukh

This one was built up well starting out with small teasers and then finally showing up with the (almost) entire Indian team. Will forever be known for the epic chemistry between Sachin and Shahrukh.

The Apple Singh Series For the 1999 World Cup Tournament

Sanjay Mishra entertained us all as the official mascot of ESPN-Star Sports for the 1999 world cup.

1996 World Cup Coca Cola Ad

The 1996 world cup will always be remembered for the return of Coca Cola into India. And what better than the world cup to market their return. This ad did not feature any stars but it was its aesthetic value that made it so memorable.

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