The New Apple MacBook – I/O Error from Cupertino?

Apple launched the new Macbook at WWDC 2015, And revealing this latest iteration of the iconic brand has opened a rather large can of worms that could prove to be a big headache for the boys from Cupertino.

We take a look at this, the latest iteration of the MacBook, and the biggest problems that it has created.


USB-C. We can't see what you thought was good about just one of these, Cupertino.
USB-C. We can’t see what you thought was good about just one of these.

The MacBook Air has just port that controls everything from USB connectivity and HDMI to delivering power to the MacBook. This means that if you want to do anything other than charge the MacBook, you’ll have to buy a boatload of connectors to get anything done. Thankfully, there is a separate port for your headphones.

The Intel M Processor

Intel Core M - Mobile Only Apple. Meh
Intel Core M – Mobile Only. You forgot that didn’t you Apple?

Apple has used Intel’s Core M Processor for the new MacBook. The Core M series used in the new MacBook are a duo of dual core processors which come with Intel new Iris Pro Graphics built in. What Apple seems to have forgotten here was the fact that these processors are used mainly for mobile devices aka phones and tablets not Laptops. Video editing softwares and gaming will most probably have big issues running on this processor. So basically, it won’t do things that you expect to do using other MacBooks.

The MacBook Air?

The New MacBook will eat into the the MacBook Air line.
The New MacBook(C) will eat into the the MacBook Air(L) line.

The New MacBook is all about slimness and lightness and portability. Um, Cupertino isn’t that the job of the MacBook Air? Something seriously does seem to be going wrong in Northern California if Apple has decided to cannibalize its own range once again. Perhaps, its the wine?


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