5 Devices from the 90s that we miss the most: No. 4. – The Gameboy

An 8-bit handheld videogame device manufactured by Nintendo, a 90s kid’s childhood is incomplete without the mention of one these. Long summer days were spent swapping game cartridges with friends and cousins.

The original Gameboy in all its glory.

The first Gameboy came with relatively simple. It came with a monochrome dot matrix display. A tiny light on the left of the display ensured that you replaced the batteries by lighting up. The Gameboy came when things were simpler.

The Gameboy Color Source

There were variants that came out over the years though. The Gameboy Color was one of them. Handheld gaming suddenly became much more immersive.

The Gameboy Advance SP back-lit version.

The Gameboy adapted. The last version that came out was the Advance SP (The complete review on the Gameboy Advance SP). It came in two variants, the front-lit and the back-lit screen version. Things are still kept simple though. It is another piece of the 90s in your hands.


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