6 of the Very Best Wireless Speakers Out There

Wireless speakers have been around for a while now. The technology is only getting better with time and the quality of sound from these devices has vastly improved. We have made a list of 6 of the best wireless speakers out there:

The Aether Cone


Probably the most beautiful and innovative of the lot, the Aether Cone is one unique product in the speaker department. It works on WiFi and runs on voice recognition. The wheel system is really innovative. Skipping songs has never been such a pleasant experience.

Read the Aether Cone’s full review here.

House of Marley EM-FA000-MI Get Up Stand Up Freedom


Another beautiful looking piece of hardware in this section, the House of Marley Freedom Collection will forever be known for the innovative design and the use of fabric.

Read the House of Marley EM-FA000-MI’s full review here.

MTV Fashiontronix by SoundLogic Noise Bluetooth Speaker


Known for its snazzy looks, the MTV Fashiontronix by SoundLogic Noise bluetooth speaker is a brilliant piece of tech.

Read the MTV Fashiontronix bluetooth speaker’s full review here.

Pill XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Though slightly on the expensive side, the Beats Pill XL combines big sound and good design along with brilliant battery life with the Beats name.

Read the Beats Pill XL’s full review here.

 House of Marley Liberate


With a solid build, great sound, and terrific battery, the House of Marley Liberate is a definite looker if you are headed out to buy yourself a wireless speaker.

Read the Liberate’s full review here.

The Jawbone Jambox


The ultimate party starter. A real powerhouse of a speaker despite its tiny size. A winner all the way.

Read the Jawbone Jambox’s full review here.


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