Mini Flagship Devices: This is Sony’s domain


The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. The HTC One Mini 2. The LG G3 Beat. The Sony Xperia Z3 compact. These are all devices from major manufacturers in the Android world that claim to be a small sized version of their flagship brethren.

Out of this lot only Sony’s offering is the real deal – a flagship smartphone in a smaller body. However, the rest of the lot are really something else altogether.

Samsung, HTC and LG all have name-dropped their flagship devices for these newer smaller sized devices and all of them are a testament to how marketing a mobile phone works these days.

All three devices are a showcase of compromises. All are powered by the lower powered processors ( a big drop from the Snapdragon 801 powering the bigger devices), all of them have camera modules that are not quite as good as the flagship’s and all of them have been deprived of the major features which really made the flagship’s tick.

So are any of these three devices worth your money? The answer quite simply is NO. All three of them may cost you half as much to buy as their flagship contemporaries but, all three of them are not even half the phones that the S5, One M8 and G3 are.


If you really want to get a device that has a smaller footprint than the larger sized flagship but has the same specs under the hood, then Sony is the only option available to you. The Xperia Z3 compact is a powerhouse that packs the same silicon and 20.7MP optics and premium build that are present on the Z3 but is almost half an inch smaller than the big guy. You also save around 4 grand on the Z3 when you buy it from the shops.

If you’re looking for a slightly less expensive option the Z1 compact is still around. At 25,000 rupees it still has the specs that would give most smartphones today a run for their money.

So, if you’re looking to buy a compact flagship these days, remember, Sony’s got you covered.


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