The Definitive List of the Top 10 Phones of 2014

2014 saw a host of flagship phone launches. It also marked the beginning of what can be termed as the year of flagship killers. ProdNote takes a look back at the very best of the phone world from last year. Here’s a list of the top 10 phones of 2014:

10. The Xiaomi Redmi 1S 1 The Xiaomi Redmi 1s is yet another example of Xiaomi proving that a small budget should not stop you from getting a brilliant phone. Sure, the Android One series phones will get their software updates quicker than this, but they lack the power that the Redmi 1s packs under the hood, power, which allows it to compete with devices that are priced at three to four times its price.

9. The Samsung Galaxy S5 03_SM-G900F_electric BLUE_02 The Galaxy S5 was Samsung’s latest attempt to showcase it’s S-line of Flagship phones. The brilliant display and power-packed specs were what we expected from it. However, the IP67 rating for dust and water resistance was a brilliant suprise.However, the same old problems with the boring design and half-baked software as well as the totally annoying fingerprint scanner can be real deal-breakers.In the end the S5 is more of a Jekyll and hyde phone with both really good features as well as those that are downright annoying and terrible.

8. The Motorola Moto X Moto X Moto Maker Palatte The new generation of the Moto X has gone somewhat mainstream but with the Moto’s cool software tweaks being powered by a table-topping chip, it really has the firepower to really challenge the flagships of the rest of the scene. Add in custom back-plate options and you can really customize the new Moto X to match your own look. Despite the unimpressive camera and battery life, I would easily recommend the new Moto X just for the extra functionality it offers.

7. The LG G3 LG-G3-iDevice.ro_ (1) The G3 was the first phone from a mainstream manufacturer to boast a 2K display and it is that display that is the real feature of the phone. Aiding and abetting this is LG’s custom UI and the processing package that still is one of the best around today.

6. The Sony Xperia Z3 Xperia-Z3-e1409696535911 Although this was the best phone from Sony till date, it ended being more of incremental update rather than a revolutionary change to the Z series.

5. The HTC One M8 HTC_One_M8_gold_3V The HTC One M8 took off from its previous version the M7. The M8 took the flagship HTC product line to a totally different level with the M8. The form factor, for one, was simply put the best. No Android phone could even remotely close to the M8’s look and feel. The HTC One M8 was a serious competitor. HTC’s best phone till date after the HD2.

4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910_Charcoal Black The Note 4 was Samsung’s greatest phone yet and it blew away any sort of the so-called competition in the phablet field out of the water. The display is absolutely gorgeous with the usual extremely vibrant colors of AMOLED and with the absolute high end specs under the hood, getting the Note 4 to trip is almost impossible.

3. The iPhone 6 Plus iPhone_6_PLUS_preview_MG_1760 The iPhone 6 Plus would probably have had Apple’s late great CEO Steve Jobs tearing his hair out. It’s a very big deviation from his philosophy of a phone. At 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus is Cupertino’s first attempt at a phablet and Apple has managed to get most of the stuff right. A good screen, brilliant battery life, excellent build and a good camera really make it quite appealing. However, iOS is still as rigid and boring as ever and the design of the phone is quite tacky and it just feels a bit too large.

2. The Google Nexus 6 N6-moreeverything-1600 The Nexus 6 is Google’s way of showcasing what a pure Google phone should look and work like. It is Google’s best attempt till date. The Nexus 6 has elevated the Nexus line from its developer roots to a device worthy of being the battleship for Android in the smartphone wars.

1. The Oneplus One 03 And the phone that truly left us speechless this year, the Oneplus One. It is totally worth the struggle that involves in obtaining an invite to buy one. It’s worth every gram in its weight in gold. A beautiful screen, a gorgeous body, and some of the most powerful features that would make one call it a flagship killer in every sense of the word. Rightful owner of the title of phone of the year.


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